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Mariusz  Zaworski

Newfound Beauty llc

Holistic Aesthetician President


Living in Poland I couldn't get away from living a "natural" life-style. My Mom cooked every meal from scratch, everything was super fresh and wholesome. We didn't even know what a potato chip was....We were using simple herbs as basic remedies, cupping for colds and flu, even certain foods were a medicine. When my sister became an Acupuncture Physician I started to learn from her some awesome stuff about natural approach to health, longevity and beauty. For example she hooked me up on Essential Oils... I started to study them and realized an amazing potential they present. They are absolutely amazing and especially if it comes to beauty. Over the time I realized how many people turn to drastic measures (like plastic surgeries) in order to keep and preserve their youthful appearance. However, those surgeries presented terrible risks of infections and other complications, but most of those people didn't even look good. You could see something wasn't just right or was off with their faces. With all that pain and LARGE amount of money they spend ... I thought there must be a better, more natural, healthier way to look youthful and healthy. So, I decided to go to an esthetician school. As I learned, the more I wanted to learn and I became passionate about my trade. After I finished my education, I found an unbelievable Microcurrent Machine for special facial treatments.Now, I can offer treatments that will give you visible results the first time you try it. I couldn't believe this amazing machine can: lift and tighten your skin; build collagen; reduce fine lines; creases and wrinkles, with no pain, no down time, and no side effects. The machine was so impressive I decided to get involved and I became a Regional Manager of Beautiful Image Company. The treatments are a great addition to my other natural beautifying modalities and clients love them.

I try to go beyond doing facial treatments by offering clients some education and encouragement towards their specific skincare needs. I personalize facials and skin products for each one of them, so we can achieve the best possible results. I continually strive to expend my knowledge and techniques by consistently researching the most current, natural approaches to skin care. I also love to dig into some ancient secrets and combine them with the most recent ones. All this is so intriguingly interesting to me... I just love what I do!



Mariusz  Zaworski 

Holistic Aesthetician

Jacksonville Beach, Florida